What I’m working on…excerpt Flight of Passion


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Her whole body tingled with an electric awareness as he took his place beside her. Ruby wanted to look at his face, wanted to see if the desire was still in his eyes; but she no longer dared.

He was too close, too dangerously near if she was to keep some semblance of control. She had been insanely mad to come to him. Sanity insisted that she give him no more encouragement.

His richly tanned hands gently slid back the doors of one of the cabinets. Strong hands, with long, supple fingers curled around the edges of an ebony rimmed tray, topped with protective glass and eased it free.

With the delicateness of a parent placing his baby in its crib, Oliver placed the tray on a highly polished antique Chinese desk. A heady scent of beeswax and Camphor crystals filled the room as he lifted the glass.

Ruby stood absolutely still, her gaze inescapably fixed on the most dazzlingly beautiful kaleidoscope of butterflies she had ever seen.

Shots of lipstick pink, morphed into purples and trailed out to rich raw umber browns. Lustrous blues, tinged with effervescent orange-reds jostled for attention with dazzling emerald greens, splashed with electric violets, charming her eyes with their captivating colors.

Ruby felt short of breath, her heart rate quickening as her hungry eyes devoured the pulsating chocolate box of colors.

“You’re looking at some of the most exotic, tropical butterflies in the world, “ Oliver told her with pride.

‘They’re beautiful!’ she cried. Her face flushed with excitement, her mouth felt dry with a thirst that could not be quenched.

‘Flying flowers,’ he said, clearly relishing in her visceral reaction.



This is an excerpt from my new book Flight of Passion.

Have you ever wanted to be with someone who sent your heart soaring but threatens your sense of security? Someone who lifts you clear out of the water, but you’re not sure will be around to catch you when you fall head over heels in love? Flight of Passion is a rapturous tale of beauty, obsession and the transformational power of unconditional love.


Coming soon! If you loved this brief excerpt and would love to read more you can download the first few chapters of Flight of Passion for FREE here – https://www.instafreebie.com/free/qABqt

I hope you love it as much an I’m enjoying writing it for you

Love Mollie




About The Passionate Pen

The creator of the Passionate Pen has an intense passion for passion in all its guises. She is an author, artist, and photographer who believes in the power of passion and creativity to transform peoples lives.
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