Creating emotional impact – developing the look and feel of the Mollie Mathews brand

I’m only in the beginning stages of developing my brand. But already I’m clear on one thing – I’m thinking along the lines of Turkish Delight re colours – pinks, chocolates, golds and…a dusting of white. Why? Because readers tell me that reading romance is like stuffing your face full of chocolate without feeling guilty about  the calories.

Personally, I love Turkish Delight. The name alone inspires romance!

I sent my very sketchy brief to long-time friend and design guru Lionel Taylor from TaylorMcAllum.

I shared with him the themes important to me – Passion, fun, humor, emotion, romance, beauty and elegance – all wrapped up in something visually evocative and sensual…..(which is why I thought of chocolate)

We are still working on finalising the details, and of course it will include wonderfully sensual images, but here is the gorgeous initial concept. What do you think?



About The Passionate Pen

The creator of the Passionate Pen has an intense passion for passion in all its guises. She is an author, artist, and photographer who believes in the power of passion and creativity to transform peoples lives.
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